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Hear what our patients have to say about URS Medical, and learn why 98% of them will never work with another medical supply provider.

If you’re like 98% of our patients, when you choose URS Medical as your medical supply provider, you are initiating a life-long relationship.  URS Medical maintains a 98% customer satisfaction rate, which means we work hard to care for you and your family like part of ours. 

"Because of your company, very few of our NICU moms go home without a pump now, even those coming from Midland Memorial are taken care of by your Depot there. This means our long term breastfeeding rates are continuing to increase and we have overflowing breastmilk freezers, and milk! So it's a very big deal!"

Odessa Regional Medical Center

"I called URS Medical on a Tuesday looking for information about getting a breast pump through my insurance. I had previously called another company and they needed so much information and paperwork that I just left it alone for 3 weeks. On Tuesday I called URS and gave them my information. Wednesday they had gotten my doctor's prescription and sent me documents to e-sign and asked me to pick a pump they had previously sent me a link for to research and choose. By Saturday I had my pump! I could not believe it!! I will recommend this compnay to everyone I know who needs medical supplies. They went above and beyond and were so helpful and friendly! I am still in shock of how easy it was to work with this company!"

Jazmin L.

"URS Medical goes above and beyond for their customers.  I have foster children and they all require specialized supplies, and URS Medical goes out of their way to ensure that their every need is met in a timely and efficient manner.  Their customer service is phenomenal and they treat you like part of their family rather than a customer.  I would highly recommend URS Medical for all home medical supplies."  

Tiffany G. - Parent

"When Grant qualified for Medicaid in 2007, the DME company that we had ONLY supplied oxygen supplies (& not very well). I kept hearing about other people receiving feeding tubes, suction canisters, etc being covered under Medicaid. On the SEVERAL occasions I approached our existing DME, they informed me Medicaid did not cover these expenses. Not only does Medicaid cover these items plus more, but Milton with URS Medical calls me regularly to see what I need!!!! As a mother of a child with special needs do you know HOW AWESOME that is? I keep telling him that is why the song "When a Hero Comes Along" was written - for companies like URS Medical and caring hard working people like Milton!!!! Okay so I’m a little over the top with the hero song....but, give me a break. I have a hard life!
Thanks for all your support."  

Grant's Mom

"URS Medical could be a training model for other companies in the area of serving customers. From the beginning of our relationship, URS Medical has demonstrated excellent service, wisdom and creativity in meeting the needs of my daughter, all executed all with deep compassion. I am forever thankful for URS Medical...they make me feel like I have a team behind giving Gracie the best possible care."  

Gracie's Mom

"I didn't realize what I was missing out on until I found URS Medical. I live in East Texas and every time I have needed anything, the gang from URS Medical are here in a flash. If you are not already using URS Medical, give them a call ASAP."

Chris S. - Client

"URS Medical, YOU ROCK! The baby I take care of and I thank you for everything above and beyond that you do for her. Milton and Jammie, you are awesome and Emma and I are grateful to you for all the kindness you've shown. I will recommend you to everyone I know who needs your services. Thanks again for being awesome people helping awesome kids!"

Donna J.
To the ENTIRE URS TEAM: We have been receiving supplies for two of our children for a couple of years from you now. Both Hailey and Milton ALWAYS provide excellent customer service and we do not take that lightly in our home. After using several other large DME companies, we were recommended to you guys and it was evident from day one that you provide excellent, accurate, and timely service and deliveries. We recommend URS to every medical family in Texas that we come in contact with and we will continue to do so. We are blessed to have found URS Medical and have great peace knowing we will have our supplies on time. If anything were ever wrong with an order, we know we can directly reach Hailey or Milton right away. As a mommy of special medical needs children, it’s a great comfort to have one less concern to worry about. I am on many Facebook groups and it’s clear that other companies do not take the same pride in service as URS clearly does. Thank you ALL for taking pride in your work and truly caring about getting it right for our children. Sincerely,
Jenny & Matt

"Great Service, excellent staff...simply amazing customer service! Everyone has been beyond my expectations. Thank you!"

Sandra C.
“Thank you for sending this survey out. We cannot say enough wonderful things about URS and recommend you constantly to everyone we know and whenever we hear someone needing DME. Thank you for truly being one of the companies that cares about your clients and treating us as real people not a paycheck.”
“Love that Hailey calls and texts monthly. Everything has been a breeze with her. The only issue we have had recently is the wrong supplies being delivered, seems to be a warehouse issue since the order form was correct. Very easy fix- I called Hailey and she had the new stuff out the next day and the wrong stuff picked up as well. We have used several DME companies over the past 17 years and URS is truly the only one that cares about the client and works diligently to have everything covered and the proper supplies and amounts sent.”

"I would like you all to know that you have made this a very efficient process for me and Stephanie was very helpful and took initiative to reach out to the doctor for any additional information in a short time frame. I was initially provided with two vendors and you were 2nd on the list and my experience with the other vendor caused me to call you all. I wish I would have started with you all first. The first customer service representatives were not willing to provide clear information, consistent information, or take any initiative of any sorts to reach out to me when they needed something to start the process. This led me to stop my discussions with them and move on to the next supplier [URS Medical]. I will be sure to share my experiences with my insurance company so they know you all have made this process very smooth." 

Veronica S.
“Everything has been great for many years now! Having a child with a disability is challenging enough and Milton has done an outstanding job of making life a little easier. He is truly amazing & I have never experienced something so great with a DME company! Thank you Milton & the rest of the URS Medical team!”

"This was the best customer service I have ever experienced. Everything was done in a timely manner."

Tiffany F.

"I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for helping me to get this breast pump! I cannot believe how easy it was to work with your organization and to feel like I will be prepared when my baby comes. The insurance company told me that I would not be able to get the pump until after the baby was born so this is such a relief. Thank you again!!!"