Q: Is there a financial benefit to our hospital?

A: Breast Pump Depot® cannot compensate your hospital. However, working with Breast Pump Depot® makes it possible for hospitals to realize significant savings on breastfeeding supplies traditionally provided by the hospital during post-partum, but for which the hospital is not specifically reimbursed.

For example, to help establish adequate breastmilk supply during post-partum inpatient recovery, hospital lactation staff routinely issue moms a pumping kit and manual breast pump attachment to be used with a hospital owned multi-user breast pump. Since the hospital receives no specific reimbursement for these items, they are pure cost. Breast Pump Depot® helps contain and reduce this cost for hospitals because each breast pump provided through the Breast Pump Depot® includes these same pumping kit and manual pump adapter, making it unnecessary for the hospital to provide them in duplicate.

Breast Pump Depot® also helps your hospital realize savings by reducing your usage of expensive donor milk - another item for which hospitals do not receive reimbursement. Timely provision of personal use and hospital grade breast pumps through Breast Pump Depot® enables your new mothers to generate more of their own breastmilk sooner. Every ounce of mom's own milk translates into one less once of donor milk required to supplement infant feedings, which translates into saved dollars for your facility.

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