Q: Is there a financial benefit to our hospital?

A: URS Medical cannot compensate your hospital. However, working with Breast Pump Depot makes it possible for hospitals to realize significant savings on breast feeding supplies traditionally provided by the hospital during mom’s labor and delivery, but for which the hospital is not specifically reimbursed. For example, during mom's post-partum inpatient stay, hospitals often issue a pumping kit and manual breast pump attachment to be used with a hospital owned multi-use breast pump. There is no specific reimbursement to the hospital for the pumping kit and manual breast pump attachment. Moms receiving their own breast pump from Breast Pump Depot don’t need a manual breast pump attachment because they have their own electric breast pump in hand; nor do they need a hospital issued pumping kit because the pumping kit included with mom’s own breast pump is compatible with the hospital owned multi-use breast pump.

Breast Pump Depot saves a hospital money by making it unnecessary to provide as many pumping kits and manual breast pump attachments out of its own inventory.

There are many other benefits to be realized by your facility and patients through partnership with the Breast Pump Depot, as outlined on the front and back covers of this binder.

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