PTFK (Protect Texas Fragile Kids)

Protect Texas Fragile Kids is a grass-roots, non-profit founded in May 2016. Completely run by parents of medically fragile children in Texas, PTFK is dedicated to educating families and elected officials about the consistent care and medical intervention critical for children with significant medical needs. They act as both advocate and teacher when handling matters regarding the future well-being of special needs children.

"Our stated mission is: to give a voice to Texas' most fragile citizens; to fight for what is right for children with special medical needs; to champion legislation which protects the well-being of medically fragile children; to monitor existing and proposed legislation impacting children with special needs; to inform and educate families of children with special needs about changes in legislation; to empower families with medically fragile children to connect with elected officials in order to promote understanding of this life." - PTFK Mission Statement

URS Medical is proud to call PTFK our friend and partner! We support this wonderful organization and the platform they have employed to advocate for the most medically vulnerable children in Texas and their families.

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