Hand To Hold

URS Medical is a proud supporter of Hand to Hold, a Texas-based organization providing care and services to families in the hospital NICU.  Hand to Hold helps families cope with the life changes experienced while their child/children are in the NICU, and after they go home with their babies.  

Premature birth is a serious and growing problem.  One out of every eight births is preterm in the U.S., defined as before 37 weeks gestation.  Prematurity is the leading cause of newborn death and often results in lifelong disabilities.  Today, most major hospital systems are investing in women’s services and neonatal care to meet the growing number of preterm births.  Unfortunately, community-based programs for parents before, during and after the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or in the event of a loss are not available in Austin and in many metropolitan areas across the nation. 

Hand to Hold is working to fill the void for these families, giving them a support system to lean on during this time of need.  

URS Medical has worked with Hand to Hold for the past two years, and hopes to continue working to bring the best care possible to families going home with special needs. 

To learn more about their services and their wonderful mission, click here.


PREEMIEBABIES101 - Hand To Hold's Official Blog: Written by Parents for Parents

PreemieBabies101 is Hand to Hold's parent blog inspired by the many diverse experiences that are common to parents of preemies. Hand to Hold fulfills the need for a support group for parents at all stages of the NICU experience - from pre-delivery until long after heading home. This blog was created to provide parents with a safe place to ask questions, find resources, and process emotions about their experiences. To visit this blog, click here.

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