Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation

"Our mission is twofold. First, we would like to help other parents by sharing practical experience tube-feeding infants and children. Secondly, we would like to raise positive awareness of tube feeding so that families have the support they need. The success of this effort relies heavily on the many parents who have shared their stories, knowledge, and support."

"Feeding Tube Awareness was founded in 2010 to support parents of children who are tube-fed, while raising positive awareness of tube feeding as a lifesaving medical intervention. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our organization is run 100% by exceptional parent volunteers who combine their personal experience and professional knowledge."

Feeding Tube Awareness is dedicated to providing useful information for parents, caregivers, and family members of tube fed loved ones. Tube feeding is often misunderstood and there can be a lot of negativity and false preconceived ideas surrounding families. Feeding Tube Awareness is here to share with the world that hundreds of thousands of infants and children are able to live, grow, and thrive because of tube feeding. By changing the dialogue of tube feeding to reflect the positive, tube feeding can be seen for what it is – a positive, lifesaving alternative for receiving proper nutrition.

For more information about the Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, visit their website here.

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